How Much Can I Afford?


It's easy to get caught up in the manufactured romance of the automobile. The new-car smell. The comforting feel of cool leather cocooning you as you grip the wheel and accelerate into a curve. The prowling glow of halogen headlights and distant thumps of bass as you approach a hot spot's valet stand. The allure of cruising a busy strip on a warm summer evening.


^Purchasing a vehicle can be a great experience or a horrible one. The issue being most customers don't know what they can afford before entering the dealership. This can set the process off on a wrong foot by wasting the customers time. For most of us, the reality goes something like this;

·       You get your license towards the end of high school.

·       If you're lucky, your parents let you borrow their minivan every now and then. If you're really lucky, your parents give you their old minivan or some equivalent beater that's safe, slow, and guaranteed to break down twice a month.

·       At some point you either work your tail off to save cash for a used car of your own - or perhaps you get a job and just as quickly march into a car dealer to finance a brand new car, no money down.

Either way, you end up disillusioned with cars and the car buying process.

If you buy your own for $3,000, it still breaks down twice a month.

If you finance a new car $80,000, at the age of 20, after you get your first job, you live the dream for a few months before realizing that you'll be making this crazy car payment for the next three and a half years and that you can't afford anything else. (Oh yes, and by the way: That new car still needs oil changes, tires, and other maintenance).

What's the answer? Is it possible to own a car that's both reliable and affordable, if not even - dare we say it - sexy? (At least just a little bit?)


The answer is Yes! Here at Route 22 Toyota, we encourage our customers to ask themselves a few questions during the car buying process with regards to budget. 

·       How much do I make a year?

·       How much money do I make a month?

·       What is my average months expenses

·       How much money do I want to put into my savings account?

·       What's left over to purchase a vehicle? (Don't forget to budget for insurance)

Asking yourself questions like this will not only help you, but assist Route 22 Toyota helping you find the car that fits your families budgeting needs.  Imagine entering a dealership and looking at a $55000 vehicle when all you can afford is $149 per month. This causes stress  and anxiety The last thing Route 22 Toyota would want to do is waste your time and make you feel uncomfortable about the car buying process. We urge our customers to contact us with any questions regarding budget and upon entering the dealership, our car care consultants will sit down and review a plan of action with you in regards to your budget and vehicle of your vehicle needs.

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